Easy and Cute Pouch for Lazy Person

May 31, 2012

Holla people!! Me am back with different post than the usual one. Dunno why really want to share this post with you guys >__< its actually a simple pouch you can find the tutorial easily on internet, craft book and youtube. 

You can handsew or machine sew this pouch, size depend on your need and what I like, its travel friendly and cute as a gift too (well, depend on the fabric selection though)! I use mine to put shoes or toiletries (towel, haircap) when on travel. 

Ok, let's get started ^_^ feel free to ask me if you get confused! :)

(click for larger image size)

 I used 1cm seam allowance on the side seam. After sew the side seam, then the upper part for ribbon loop. I used 2cm here

You can always snip/cut some part that disturb you :)

Don't forget to sew the your ribbon too (on picture, the one I pinned it) then use pin to insert your ribbon to the loop. Just pull and pull then voila! :D

 The result of opening part ^ ^

The inside look. Don't forget to press open the seam before continue to next step to make you easier on sewing 

The outside look
Voila! you're done :D

To end this post, lemme share my thought on making a tutorial post :3~
I'm amazed with people who can make tutorial. I need to push my brain for some word/explanation cuz I don't want you to get confused LoL! Actually I try to write it in Bahasa but I dunno why I always got 8 or so in Bahasa when on High School where in fact it much worst than my English O____O should learn more la >__<! 

anyway, hope you enjoy this post :)