Total haul from my trip ^w^

April 30, 2012

Went to Hong Kong for 2weeks again, I always got many amazing things there. Whether its family related, shopping, entertainment and else. Here's my total haul from Hong Kong, excluding fashion haul since all of them were being wash currently and I prefer later for my lookbook activity lol! (so its not total la *iskick)

Picture taken from my instagram. replacement of my camera. Silly me, I brought the camera charger but LEFT THE CAMERA at home (Indonesia) =)) luckily I also plan to buy new device there. Its Samsung Galaxy Note in PINK! ^W^ Super love!!

First, result on strolling around Sam Sui Kok. It famous for its fabric store. They give you FREE sample. Just take as much as you want/need it! I need it for some inspiration so in total I took 51sample. Oh gosh, so KAMPONG HAHAHA!

and next, what most beauty blogger like (maybe?) BEAUTY HAUL ♥♥♥ I don't bought all of them from SASA, some from Bonjour since in Bonjour its cheaper and also they sell tester of some branded cosmetic like for example, Lancome :) . Same as SASA, you can find it everywhere! CMIIW but from what I saw, currently most SASA sell Japanese brand O_o. Here you go! :)

And there's another store beside SASA and Bonjour, id:c. Its a fashion store but sell beauty product too. From what I see the price almost the same as SASA :D

no make-up product? sorry >_< I'm more into skin care right now LoL

and here's some accessories that I bought. All in total less than 200.000IDR. MAD LOVE!

Well, that's all on this post. currently preparing for the next post about my day there ^w^ I'm so excited that I wanna blog about it!

Have a nice day everyone ^_~