Hong Kong trip: Macau *picspam

April 30, 2012

After days of family gathering and this and that in Hong Kong, at last have the time to sight seeing! first stop is Macau. Been long time since the last visit, its before the renovation. Since I was travelling with family, taking picture will be kinda hard LoL and no pic of me because most of it blurred =____= feel like a waste of time having make-up so I can look good on camera that day *cries

So here's our first stop! the Galaxy Macau Hotel. Its so HUGE so jawdrop when saw the outside and inside :o!!

 Look at the glass detail. A pro really is a pro, only for a lobby they design it so luxurious. The first sight of entering the hotel gave you the feeling of amazement, be prepare when you enter the hotel. If I'm not mistaken they have 2lobby. The crystal lobby and (since I forgot the name) look-like-inspired by peacock lobby! 

One of the shop district

and here comes my favourite lobby. It attract many tourist too!

I'm so lucky, when about to leave they have this entertainment where a crystal appear from the fountain!

The next stop, which was not far from Galaxy Macau Hotel. The famous hotel which Boys Before Flower also shoot their film here, The Venetian. Just an ordinary building from the outside but IMO, I love inside, its my style =p

Before enter the Venetian area you'll come across a great hall. The whole hotel really took Venice concept. It can be seen from interior even the detail :* some funny things that I just realised when I type this entry. See the golden coloured light in the middle? somehow from the angle I took it look like an egg! LoL~!!

Out from the hall, The famous Venetian at last! so crowded =____=;;

See the Gondola lady there? I'm so amazed by them. Not just controlling the gondola they too, must have good voice to sing! to entertain the customer. I tell ya, their voice like an opera singer :o

From here we continue to bought some souvenirs like snack, eating the Portuguese cuisine which was so delicious XD some tip if you go to Hong Kong or Macau, better prepare a REAL empty stomach cuz their portion was so big ;____; I'm in much regret can't taste much of Macau's delicacies. Oh dear, I'm such a glutton la LoL

here's the Portuguese restaurant that I mentioned earlier :)
funny leh? can see Disney's character as mascot there XD

 Baked Tomato Seafood Rice with capcoy ( O.o)

and I forgot this one, its like chicken curry. yummy ♥

Hope can go there again some other time with friend, beloved one, or just for photoshoot! ♥