Hong Kong trip: Disneyland! *picspam

April 30, 2012

I'm still in holiday mood! that's why although its late, I wanna post this one. yes, especially this one. who doesn't know Disney? am sure everybody does :) great part about Disney was doesn't matter how young and old, where or who you are, deffinately know it no? :)

been to Hong Kong Disneyland several times yet never bored la! here's some picture spam from me :)

first, of course the entrance area, USA road. nothing much to play, but you can see tons of madly cute souvenirs (^.^)

new part of the Hong Kong Disneyland. small area, but still, you can enjoy it. near the Toy Story Land, they currently build one new area which promised will be done next year!

it's so colorful there, just like the concept, you really enter the Toy Land LoL

picture below were from the Tarzan Tree House. I always go there whenever I went to Disneyland. truly feel like you're in Tarzan's movie (^^♪

some picture of the Parade ♥♥ don't you dare ever missed you it la! super must stand on the front row !(^O^)!

here come my most fav part. usually went there but never get this due to... to crowded. it almost made my cry in happiness (´;ω;`)ブワッ there's a special place in the Fantasy Land where you can take picture with the Disney character. well, if you're lucky, don't need to queu too long. and yesss I'm lucky enough!! when I went there, its not too crowded like before.

entrance of the garden really looks like you're in a courtyard ♥

tell you what, I really love them! not only because of the character, but the person inside it was all so kind, cheerful, playfull. they really act and think of themself that they were that character. shortly, they're so into it ♡

from here onward, it just some random pic I took while wait for the another must watch show, the firework (^.^). hope you enjoy the rest of it!

madly cute souvenirs that I mentioned before ♥

and here's what I got from a day in there. some were from the Disney staff. super friendly! the workers there, all of them were full of smile and joy. one of the reason why I love it there too :)

hope you enjoy the post, people (^.^) so it's so messy, update this via my phone cuz... like always my home connection suck. its so upsetting me since I want to update my blog frequently :( and for Indonesian friend, any recommendation for phone provider? currently using XL but not too good :( if XL keep being bad, I can't even update my blog from phone! haha