Paris Couture Fashion Week S/S 2012

February 03, 2012

Just saw some fashion show few days ago for my college's reference and whadda dumb and fail design student! I just realized there's Spring 2012 Haute Couture Show!! Held in Paris with the participation of great designer/couturier. Here's some picture of the collection that I like most! :)

Christian Dior
Me like the layers of tulle. It somehow give the image of " you highness, your grace" lol!

was up to blue colour, especially dark blue like sea colour and some wide high collar. Uniquely, some dress normally we see it as no pocket but actually they gave it. Imagine it, some party dress, layer of tulle/organza then suddenly you can slip your hand in the hidden pocket! lol!

Jean Paul Gaultier - inspired by Amy winehouse
From most of his collection I interested in detail such as this belt. Its simple but I like since since. . . I'm in vintage mode lol. The fashion itself interesting too. Model's hair-do resemble Amy Winehouse. He even let the models smoke during the show on. Some models hair even looks like Katy Perry =p

Jean Paul Gaultier
Another piece that I SUPER LOVE THIS. In my opinion it brings up the gypsy's look, moreover hmm . . . how you call it? Madam's look? 

Jean Paul Gaultier

Making her comeback after years. She showed 16 Haute couture collection. The show itself, starting from the music model's make-up, the stage (and it said it was her studio? ) really resemble her collection. Different from any other designer, I'm stunned when I watch the video!! 

Most of Versace's Spring Haute Couture gave out the sexy silhouette. Its not complicated, she succeeded in creating that look by designing simple dress, adding details, playing with some part of the pattern and of course the fabric too. As expected from a veterans'

Not only sexy silhouette, it also gave out the strong and bold aura. The models' make-up support it to! for me, I love Versace's the most. The stage, collection, music, models! again As expected from a veterans' #iskick

See the lace! with chiffon! classical look and vintage too. You can see some element of Victorian in Valentino's collection!

since there was so many of them, its better if you watch it sih. Especially for those who own fast connection. And for those who didn't? just like me, saw the picture and amazed by all the superb detail!!. Here's some other designer that I interested: Elie Saab, Basil Soda, Zuhair Murad. Oh, and don't forget to watch this wedding haute couture collection by Elihav Sasson! aw aw aw, that's why I wanna by wedding/bridal designer T__T its so fairytale.

Please note that I''m not good in writing things about fashion, am still learning :)

So people! which do you like :D

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