Feel the Fantasy with Anna Sui!

February 24, 2012

I actually wanna blog about Fall Ready To wear that I like from few designer. Many that I like and of course they're unique in their own way especially Anna Sui! its like " Damn! I can't la! I wanna make one post for Anna Sui's only " and here it is. This post dedicated to Anna Sui Fall Ready To Wear collection that successfully made me droll on her design, fabric choices and details

Without doubt I say, Anna Sui sure has strong knowledge about culture and good sense in combining them together ya of course la, she will not famous if she fail LoL Her Fall collection gave out the " Like in Fantasy and Fairytale " and  " Smart " what amazed me was the lace and combination of colour and pattern

K, enough talking, bluffing, etc etc. . . here come the pictures :D

Cute dress ya well, because the balloon effect on the dress made it and I love the dark blue colour here. So cute that I imagine myself wearing it but PHAIL LA! it suitable for slim and tall figure with wide shoulder and small waist since the balloon help to volumized it, IMO

LACE *__* I LOVE love lace the most because its cute and I never thought of Lace inner combine with fur outer. It somehow give a strong and unique impact. The peter pan collar and the detail around it give the fairytale look not because the collar name, k while the lace itself like. . . " A running wild fantasy ". Imagine it if the model ( Abbey Lee Kershaw ) untie her hair and had a long curly hair . . . *amazed in own imagination* k, its so out the topic, back back~ :p

It actually a simple garment, even maybe ZARA can produce one. That's maybe what people said if they only take quick look of it but I you look it again carefully there's detail that maybe even regular shop don't realize it, well at least for now :p

See the black line like border? yeah that's what I mean. It actually gold colour and although the garment looks like 2piece it actually one. Amazing huh? I took few zoom in to realize there's stitch there, creating an empire line silhouette on the middle. The flower detail on the garment make it rich too. This, IMO, make this clothes looks so young and elegance. Anna Sui Y U SO GOOD T_____T t#cryhardly.gif WHEN I CAN BE LIKE YOU LA!

er.. k, move on to another xD;; now come the smart look that I mentioned before :)
just ignore the glass k ;___;

When I first look at it I thought of Sherlock Holmes' cape! nothing other than that LoL the cape itself give out the smart explorer looks already and what's unique is the upper garment. See the lace on the cuff and hemline? yep! that's it! and the selection of the stripe colour for upper garment match with the cape colour too. It doesn't hurt your eyes but kinda eye-catching. It hard to combine stripe garment especially like the one in the picture which have a lot of stripe (not a lot of colour ya :) ) The idea of making ribbon like with (while using stripe fabric) on the neckline make it different from usual blouse :))

The unique things I found on this garment was the ribbon/tie on the middle and accessories near the collar. I like the idea of putting some accessories there, make it looks more fashionable 

Usually fall and Winter fashion come or semi-dark colour and more colourful colour can be seen during Spring and Summer. But this? Red? great combination with the skirt! sadly I couldn't find the skirt picture, really curious about it ah >__< I don't know what to write about this one, honestly it catches my eyes because of the color combination between the upper and bottom garment :D

Not only the clothes, I also love the make-up. Something about the eyes make-up caught my attention. It gave out the strong yet soft feeling too (k, that's weird description), especially when the model smile. When I zoomed it. . . okay lesson learned, blue eyeliner make it so while black eyeliner make your eyes bigger O_o CMIIW

yup, that's the wrap-up of Anna Sui's Fall Ready To Wear Collection from me! sorry for the mistakes! Like I said before I'm currently learning how to become a good writer especially on fashion and beauty >__< hope you enjoy it :)