Saw my twin o!! *bigpic alert*

January 21, 2012

Ever wonder if there's someone(s) that looks like you in this world? like he'she in other places, country, different age, profession, and such and such? I once heard in this world we've 7 people who looks like us but my friend said its 3 whichever, HAVE you found someone who looks like you?

From I was small till today, I only heard " hey! found someone looks like you a!" " you resemble someone that I met when on my trip " . . . . ok, the last one kinda cheap LoL!!

Up till now, I only listen! never saw one when suddenly about last week? friend of mine gimme some link from 9gag saying there's someone who looks like me and I was like WHAT THE FUUUUU??? I click that link, waiting for it to load and when the picture came out. . . . *drum roll* I was like;

you people curious why I give that BIG RAISIN FACE PICTURE?? see this picture first :D

now compare the first pic and picture of her with her child with mine

so so, whaddya think? >___< some friends said the last picture (not the Jackie Chan picture la!) resemble me so much . . . its so #mehgusta #jawdrop @__@ sadly can't find picture to match the last one -3-

de~ have you ever saw your 'twin'? :D

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