Late post for 2012 but. . .

January 13, 2012

Hello! Been so long time ya! Sorry its late but happy new year 2012! ^__^/

I try to update my blog more frequent sadly I had connection problem. I requested some technician help from my internet service provider and unfortunately the problem was in me, I don't have time during my holiday T_T assignment, met some old friends, church activity family quality time, etc etc gosh! Must learn how to manage time >___< and am thinking to buy iPad 3G + Wifi. I think it helps enough when I have a down home internet connection. Anyway, how's your new year :D? I spent it at my friend's house playing UNO plus some self-made rule lol!

Honestly, I kinda broke eversince I entered this college (k, been saying this like 164238546326843245x) I couldn't buy myself some cute clothes for christmas so sad la! Many things to buy yet so little money T_T for the sake of saving money now, I eat at warung more often than drinking my fav Starbucks lol

Luckily, somehow, few days ago like 2nd week of January my mom's friend got back from Singapore and gave us some souvenir. I'm soooooo shocked when I woke up, in the morning, looking at my table where I put all my beauty stuff there, and I found this two perfume!

Bvgalri's Aqva Pour Homme and Aigner's Too Feminine!!! (゚ロ゚!!)

PERFUME?! AS SOUVENIR?! k' I know mom's friend was rich but but wow O____O anyway, thank you aunty-whose-name-I-don't-know (づ ̄ ³)~~ its old series from both brand but I just love collecting perfume (but I don't have much la~~) never expect I can have those two as my collection >w<!!

Wanna use it right away but it'll be pointless if I use it this season. Caught flu hence, I can't smell it ˇ︿ˇ every scent that I smell right now really stink and sometimes hurt. Be careful not to catch a cold k'! it Winter out there and Rainy season in Indonesia. Almost everyday I drenched by rain T__T bring your umbrella ya! Don't be lazy like me la hahahaha!!