Basically I'm just being narcissistic on the event

December 09, 2011

Remember my last post saying that I'm back to cosplay and will attend some event? well yep!

I came to The 4th Toyz Mania last Saturday and Sunday (3-4December), helping some friends on cosplay things and meeting some old friends too! Its a pleasure that Toyz Mania invited the community that I joined, Final Fantasy Crystalesia as media partner. They gave us a booth about 2x2 large and chance to perform (partnering with some cosplay group too, named OOGJ).

Toyz Mania is an annual event that usually held on December. I kinda forgot about last year's but this year they not only showing some cosplay perfomance, competition or the usual game competition they also give chances to cover group to perform. Maybe its because K-pop become so famous these days :/ I saw some cover group that cover SNSD, SHINEe, MBLAQ, After School, Super Junior and much more. All of them were from MC Entertainment! they're super talented in my opinion. They put all their heart and effort to their performance. Even their costume look almost the same as the real one *super love*

Anyway, I'm cosplaying as Deuce from Final Fantasy Type-0 with my friends. Its the latest series of Final Fantasy, just released around this year's end of October. Our first day performance was suck since we had this emergency condition that forced us to change the script. Feel bad to the Toyz Mania crews, we're deeply sorry 'bout it T__T thank you for your understanding >__<

Thankfully the second day was ok! That day, we're performing with OOGJ (they're cosplaying Doctor Doom and Kamen Rider Hibiki) Strange huh? how the heck we combine Final Fantasy with Tokusatsu and American Cosplay? that's the challenge! this year's Toyz Mania theme's was Fusion. Honestly, kinda hard brainstorming for the ideas but really really grateful we can managed it on time :) thank you for your hard work OOGJ >__< its really fun working with you. Funny and tolerance!

Oh, about my character, its Deuce (yeah mention it before lol!) She also member of Class Zero with flute as her weapon. Actually I don't play the game since I don't have PSP but I did some research to have better understanding of her. Why I choose her? simple, love at the first sigh lol!

Nah, I like her, she kinda looks like me and interestingly, when I know her (yeah, got spoiler buuuu) she ALMOST resemble me. I was like ASDA#!@GFEA^&*( WHAT?! IT ALMOST I'M COSPLAYING MYSELF?? OKAAAAAAAY. Spoiler alert! I heard this from friends of mine who got good ending of this games. As we know and see from her appearance, Deuce was type of caring, kind-hearted etc and etc those good girls criteria la! But the truth? after you played the game and moreover got a good ending?

Based on gameplay, friends said she's kinda flirty although not as flirty as her classmate, Cinque. She's more to those innocent and funny flirt. Simply put, Final Fantasy X's Yuna. When you got good ending? she be enter lacrosse club friend with Queen and there's one character but I forgot her name la! All of them become Gossip Trio O_o

Those "gossip" really shocked me. It doesn't mean I love talking about people, I like. . . hearing gossip lol even when after knowing this my friends said she's like me. Well thanks, doh! its easier to cosplaying as Deuce if so XD~

Here's some picture of my on the event. Hell yeah, after and before performing I keep on taking picture and meeting some friends. Feels much more relaxed and happy although tiring. Y'know meeting some friends before having hard days really boost your spirit (err. . . new term start after these event which mean, the tomorrow T_T)

*self speaking in heart* y am I so damn chubby #slapself.gif

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Didn't use much make-up (primer, base, lens, eyeliner, bb cream, concealer, powder) just used a stronger base make-up since I spent 6hours there ^^; and incredibly when I removed it my pore became smaller O_o;; gonna review it soon ^ ^

Cosplay: Final Fantasy Type-0 by Square Enix
Costume: Angel Rose Design
Make-up: Me
Armor: Ryuudo VienaValenting Crescendo
Weapon: OOGJ
Picture: Ervan Rvn
Video Performance of day 1 and 2: Youtube 

Thanks for you for everything! Hope you enjoy this entry :p