Vaseline Cocoa Glow Body Lotion

November 29, 2011

After reading some blogger's review about this product, I'm kinda curious and bought it. Its not a new product from Vaseline but yeah, just recently Indonesia's Vaseline produce it. I once found it SOGO supermarket sadly they sold the jumbo size. At that moment I still have my Body Shop's Cocoa Body Butter. It'll be waste of money right? ^^; well, since now its officially launch in Indonesia, they also available in small size (100ml) and quite cheap :D

It claims to smoothen your skin and give natural glow. The combination of Pure Cocoa Butter and Stratys-3 protect your skin up to 24hrs and can be absorb easily by your skin,
 " Keeping Skin Amazing "

As far as I know, cocoa really good not only for your health, but beauty also especially pure cocoa. Maybe some of you know that I super love treating my hair with Makarizo's Chocolate Creambath since it gives out good result. Body Shop's Cocoa Body Butter too, give good result to my skin but unfortunately in my opinion, its too 'oily' (yeah, coz its a Body Butter)

So, here's picture of the lotion

one pump

rub rub rub

When the first time I pump the lotion the I could smell the scent of cocoa, plain cocoa but when I rub it? the real scent came out! I told ya, its so tempting, it smells like chocolate puddingvanilla, plus its' fla. Kinda remind me of chocolate pudding present that my friends made for my birthday. My dad even said " be careful the ants might bite you " LOL!

Its good enough if you apply it when you're on Air-Condition/cool season for whole day. The Stratys-3 which claim as multi layer moisture really moisture my skin 24hrs. It really help toh cuz during this few days of holidays there's around 2-3days I don't go out and most of time inside my room with AC on. Curious, after hours of application I try to scratch my hand (usually there'll be sign of dryness) and no sign of skin dry O_O;;; I mean, the white lines that came out when you usually scratch/sracthed!

I don't recommend to wear it outside on sunny day cuz. . . it gives weird feeling ^^; like sticky or so whatever but goodly those stickiness doesn't last long. I usually use it at night, before sleep to give out good result the next day :)

Overall, I love this product! from all Vaseline's product this the second that I like. First that I like was (typo, sorry) the Yoghurt Lightening Body Lotion. Sadly they don't produce it anymore :( It really whiten my skin better than the current lightening body lotion (forgot the name). The best part, this Cocoa Body Lotion even beats my Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter X3~ . This baby also give a lil bit of whitening effect ^w^