Your Everyday Green Tea Scent

October 03, 2011

I've been a big fan of green tea from eversince I'm still playing Barbie. Well, actually I LOVE Japan and one of their trademark is Green Tea. That's my reason for loving green tea when I'm still a kiddo but gradually when I get to know it I'm in super love. Start from their flavour, taste and benefits for skin! Even from since I'm small I'm a big fan of perfume LoL. There's this time when mom got a green tea scented perfume and I still remember it well, its Elizabeth Arden's. Okay, call me kampongan, cupu, or nerd but as far as I know its very rare to find green tea scented perfume, especially the branded one? okay, back to my story and so, I didn't get any chance to use it, only smell it! cuz it turns out mom dislike it -_- so. . . how many year had it been? maybe around 5-8years?

Even till now I still remember the soft green tea scent from Elizabeth Arden's and yeah, thankfully the they haven't stop the product yet but the price, how it can be affordable for a college student?! well yeah doh, except Bill Gates was my pops #dreaminganddrolling.gif #isburned.gif

Aaaaaaaand~ around this or last week I got a surprise from mom! look at what I got

Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Scent Spray! #happytrollface.gif

After years of voodooing waiting and hoping at last I got this sweet baby!! can't be expressed how happy I am #throwconfetti. Apparently mom got this from her friend that just got back from Singapore. Its so considerate of you mom, knowing me love perfume and gave me this one T__T  its super duper thanks! <3

*caugh caugh* okay, er. . . enough rambling. I might be happy but seeing that now I'm more girly and ' different ' from my old self, a kid who just love green tea and such, I'll try to describe it's scent for you guys >w<

Honestly I kinda disappointed with the scent. Looks like they changed some ingredient that it didn't give out the soft green tea scent like before instead, a mild strong green tea scent. Personally I prefer the old's scent. It gave out a very soft scent. So soft that I describe it as " warm and kind enough " but rest assure, the strong scent didn't last long. It happened only last about minutes then it give a soft scent of green tea. Well at least this make me a lil satisfied :) plus point that make me happy, they didn't change the packaging. Simple, it described/represent the product itself.

You know what, I just realized that Elizabeth Arden was the one who released fragrance like Britney Spear, Mariah Carey and Midnight Fantasy. Good news, they gonna released fragrance by Taylor Swift called Wonderstruck. Kinda curious how it smells like :) but no, will not buy it -_- maybe will have some tester on the counter LoL