Sweeten you Crown

September 30, 2011

What will you do after finishing a damn packed schedule that almost take your entire time? like, even you can't apply your usual hair tonic because you think that 5minutes earlier to bed is better than doing some massage for your head that later on, will give you a pain/headache again cuz of your activity. That happens (yah, happens, not happened! cuz it will still happen till further) to me. My major give me super packed-busy-schedule for example, I have to stay at campus till night (7PM) if I haven't finish me work since I don't have a mannequin and sewing machine, damn la! I really need them :( and what's worse, it takes 150minutes or 1.30 from my apartment to campus. Can you imagine how tired and useless I spent 150minutes on road while actually in 150minutes you can read magazine, nail polish, and so on and so on? :( and more frustrating, in 150minutes you at least can finish 2-3sketches with full color, robot, shading, okay 6-sketches in total LoL I almost have #nolife.gif

Luckily, I got my usual of on Friday that is. . . TODAY! although tons of work pile up like a mountain at least, AT LEAST  I can use some times to beautify myself, especially my crown. You know, for female, our hair kinda like our tiara/crown . I at least for almost a decade #hyperbole.gif can go to saloon having a creambath with my usual Chocolate Flavour, cut my bangs and waxing #facepalm.gif

Okeiii~ Chocolate Flavour for Creambath? yeah its my favourite flavour. Here, lemme introduce you to my favourite :D

Texture Experience by Makarizo, Black Chocolate Flavour. 
It claims
Makarizo Texture Experience “Black Chocolate” enriched with cocoa extract which formulated to prevent hair damage and control the scalp moisture level.

So far I love this product since it gives sweet chocolate flavour, like the real chocolate that will last long for 3-4days but I you're lucky, It will stay for a week! a week! I once got a week of this chocolate scent and I swear I wash my hair everyday. Funnily, everytime I use this my whole class smells like chocolate that the teachers thought someone eating LoL and the texture it self looks like melt chocolate, moist enough, kinda sticky sadly, but hey, its the normal texture right? :p

Beside of it's scent, my hair become much smoother than the usual, no tangled hair. I alwaaaaaaaaaays love my hair whenever I finished using this one, I can't stop combing my hair using my fingers.

Makarizo's Experience Texture have 6flavour for your hair to eat #hyperboledetected.gif they're; Black ChocolateCinnamon and CoffeeStrawberry / Fragaria Vesca, Green Tea / Camellia Sinensis, Mint / Mentha Haplocalyx Briq, Vanilla / Vanilla Planifolia.

Kinda curious with Green Tea and Vanilla scent, will try those two after finish my Black Choco, maybe about. . .a year? or maybe next year? LoL! what scent do you use usually? :D 

Tomorrow is October, hope October will give happiness to all of you ya! have a super good day everyone >w<!!