Happy Eid Mubarak :)!

August 31, 2011

 Hey, isn't it amazing if you're able to spend your holiday faraway from city's crowd? some quality time in quite, clam place, feel the mountain breeze with cup of Darjeeling tea and read your favourite magazine or books ? its like you forget everything that stressed you out. When you've planned it, what happen if you can't do it? yeah, that's what happen to me yesterday. My family and I, we've planned to spend our holiday at Puncak for a day. Sadly, how much we want to avoid the city's crowd during Eid Mubarak we can't. We thought if we go yesterday it'll be less traffic but the fact? no. I already have this plan when we arrive like, enjoying the nice breeze there, nice stroll around Melrimba Garden (its my favourite place =D) and buy sweet potato LoL. Sad, so sad, Puncak always crowded but maybe not too crowded like Bandung. Kinda shocked when the last time I went there most of the car's plat alphabet was " B " which is from Jakarta. Ah, mentioning about Bandung, do you guys have any recommendation of what's interesting there? especially FOOD! I usually go there with my friends, since my parent have something you call location disorder *is kick* 

BTW, the traffic make me upset and bored, I even can read my magazine cuz of my mood. Even don't have any mood for camwhoring. Ya, you can see my silly face here LoL. We ended up went to some mall and . . . again, its crowded but at least can find something to eat and relax for a while :). its Wednesday now, time flew so fast, gotta back to normal activity soon *sad sad*. 

Ah, almost forget about it, i just changed my blogger template what do you think about it?  actually I wanna design one for myself but I'm so lack of skill. I forgot everything I learned back then. I used to be an active blogger when I'm in Junior but stop when entering High School T_T this what happened if you dump your skill for too long *cries*

Anyway, HAPPY EIB MUBARAK! wish you have a blessed year. How do you guys spend your Eib Mubarak Holidays? :)  hope you guys have a great holidays! >//w//<