Base Make-Up Collection

December 06, 2011

These few days I've been addicted again to Poupee Girl. For those who doesn't know, its a game-like-fashion community made by nihonjin. They have the english version but not as complete as the Japanese version :( well, at least you still can enjoy it la~  you collect ribbon (or money) by posting you closet items, visiting another pupe, update your pupe clothes, etc. . . if you rich enough you can buy the Jewel. Jewel's item more prettier than the Ribbon item. I still don't get it why they have this Jewel and Ribbon. Ribbon is enough la!! *envy glare to those have jewel items* or, if you bored with the online one, you can try the NDS version. It consist 3 version but, as for me I still like the online version cuz they always update new item :D~ anyway, since I'm kinda lazy to take picture of my clothes I took my make-up pictures instead. As for today, I took the base make-up (powder, foundation, pressed powder) here's some picture spam from me, enjoy~ :D

Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral BB Cream and BRTC Perfect Recover BB Cream (its my first BB Cream!) I don't use foundation, actually, because my face is acne prone and foundation's ingredient more heavy than BB Cream's. BRTC was my very first BB Cream. Used it almost. . . 3 years and I like it very much. It doesn't damage my face although after erasing it I can see its kinda heavy/thick but actually no! not too oily, but unfortunately I bought the wrong shade :( its too white for me sometimes. So expensive but worth it la~ for 3years this baby have help me and be my make-up partner LoL. As for Maybelline, I bought because. . . er. . . just in case of emergency. I need a natural shade for my base and since this so cheap. . . ya why not try it? It almost good but not as good as BRTC. Suitable for normal and oily skin, so-so in spot recover, not too heavy too, good for everyday use (I use BRTC when there's special event like party, wedding, etc :p)



Next. . .

Powder! Gosh! I have 5 in total. Now you know that I love them very much! Since my face too hard to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, even blush on, I only can achieve those flawless look (and end up like ulzzang LoL)

I started to idolize those flawless look when I read some Japanese. I realised that some of the model's face are worser than mine but their amazing make-up make them look so flawless! (and photoshop skill to LoL) What I like about Japan's make-up is they focused on technique. Once I saw on TV they only use tiny amount of foundation ( like. . . just a DOT) plus concealer and powder. Kaboom! the model's face whose older than me become so flawless and younger. The more I know I'm tempted to buy their fashion magazine and luckily~ they give some make-up tutorial too. To be honest,  their make-up, unlike Indonesia's that so thick on eyes and cheek, their's more to face (that's why I collect many powder as they have different texture) . . . Ok ok, to much useless explanation let me introduce you to me babies~ *3*~

Starting from the tiny red one, it calls Palgantong. This one was my very first korean powder. So far, I like the color since it goes well with my BRTC BB Cream. Their particle can conceal my pore (not my spot) well but I'm too lazy to use it since I bought the small one. Should buy the bigger one next time

The green one almost like lemon colour is SkinFood's Lettuce Cucumber Powder. I prefer this one than Palgantong because of the smoother texture (BTW, I always apply Powder/Pressed Powder using make-up brush). It not an everyday powder since can't cover well, better use it with foundation or BB Cream. I never want use this one with my BRTC. I look so damn PALE. If you wanna buy, pick the shade that darker than your original skin since it'll become white after a few hours T__T the most upper one (almost corner) also SkinFood's product. Its the Buckwheat powder. Can't say much about this one since never apply it on my face cuz it have some perfume/scent on it. Apply it on my neck area instead. Goes well with my Lettuce Cucumber Shade and the texture way more smoother than my Palgantong LoL

The Jade colour is Clinique Superpowder. . . not much I can say either since just used it once~ XD blame ZA's Skin Beauty Two Way Foundation that attracted my attention LoL I lately love the ZA's one. It cover PERFECTLY! eventhough I don't use concealer, just this Two Way Cake! normally, even when I use Two Way Cake it can't cover my dark spot and pore but ZA make it possible. Now I always carry this sweet pink case when I go out LoL. Here's some Clinique and ZA zoom in version, they both have good package X3

just decorate it with some not-too-flashy docoden :3




Hmm. . . . wait. . . when I said base. . . did I miss something? oh yes, the concealer! haha silly me >_< maybe I'll post it later :D. BTW, who plays poupee girl here? be sure to visit me (lumiervhei) or you haven't try it? go have a try bb~!!