Some Dim-Sum

June 29, 2011

As I promised before, here's some delicious food that I ate after attending the make-up class by Za. At first I thought will have no dinner, luckily, dad came to pick me up at church at took me to Din Tai Fung. A chinese restaurant at Mall of Indonesia which famous for it's Xiao Long Bao yet, so expensive :( (for student)

some yummy Hot n Sour Soup, Won Ton, Chicken Xiao Long Bao! actually there's more, the Golden Lava. Its a steam bun with crab's eggs inside. Since its too yummy I ate it first and forgot to take a pic! LoL

zoom in of Hot n Sour Soup!

and I ordered Bubble Tea for drink. Hmm. . . just like the regular one that you bought at Mall. Different is, the Bubble more softer :)





and I found something funny to!

Sparkling Xiao Long Bao gems! no colour add, the use vegetable to make such colour. Unfortunately I didn't order it, IMO, useless LoL and we should pay more CMIIW. Ah, I love the Pink and Green one BTW, how about you? :D

Gosh I eat too much for this long holiday @__@! Hope will not become more fatty when the holidays end haha!