Pond's and Za

June 20, 2011

I should've write this yesterday but oh well, kinda lazy haha! Maybe some (or all?) of you know that Pond's just launched new product lining called Pond's White Natural with Camellia Leaf as it's main ingredient (or also known as green tea's ingredient. Oh I'm so in love with green tea related things!) For this new product line, the came in 3 products; Night Cream, Day Cream, and Facial Wash. So cheap like always! So tempted with the TV Adv, I waited to be able to buy this little baby here. It took me about 1weeks? or more? to be able to buy this one. Why its so late? maybe its some kind of market strategy LoL! Found this new product line atWatson yesterday. Wanna bought all of them but I still have the Flawless White Night and Day Cream :( will have to use it all first ( I love it anyway, since it makes my skin more soft and reduces the dark spot too). So I bought the facial wash since my Pond's Perfect Matte is about to run-out.

Bought the small one first. See? the package just like what the main ingredient are, green! and so simple, so nature like :) Just try this one for twice and I tell ya! I love it (for now haha). The texture way more softer than Perfect Matte and the result? I love this one better than Perfect Matte too. It made my face not too oily, like normal skin and even after couple of hours my face doesn't have many oil. Perfect Matte made my skin so dry (it does, for oil control) after cleansing but gave out so many oil later :(. Just use this 2days, will wait for couple of days for the next result! haha

oh, and I registered at Za's make-up class that will be held this week (26June, Sunday). Its so cheap, just IDR50.000. The money just for assurance, you can later exchange it for product (with IDR50.000 reduction) and you will also get goodie bag, snacks, door-prize. From what I heard they teach basic make-up and treatment things. Since I'm in long holidays maybe I'll register make-up class everywhere LoL i just love learning new technique ^ ^. Register at Za's counter and get the invitation! its collectible, BTW haha :D

front side

the back side for infos :)