Make-up class with Za

June 27, 2011

Remember that I mentioned that I'll attend a make-up/beauty-class? Yep! I attended it this Sunday, its by Indonesia's Za-Cosmetic. This was my second make-up class. My first time was PAC and they tough us more to Basic Professional Make-up (which usually for party) and IMO, although they don't apply to much make-up but the result become so thick. On the other side, today's class by Za more to everyday make-up and honestly I like it better (it just my style beibeh~~). Quite fun there, meeting new friends (yes! I got 2 friends and they both were so nice), learning new technique, got goodie bag, discount, free food (LoL). Starts from 10AM but the from the Za side late in making the preparation. End up it started at 11AM-13PM. Just like the usual make-up class, first they tough us how to self-treatment/thing that needed before you apply make-up. As for the make-up session its quite enjoyable enough and calm. Really recommend this one (sadly the place kinda dark :( ) the BA so kind enough to explain the product, how to apply treatment cream and make-up base on your face's shape. At the end of class they gave us free snack (including drink) and doorprize too. Unfortunately I didn't get those and can't take pics during the class, I can't hold camera while I hold make-up hoho! and beside its too dark there (so many reason LoL). Anyway , because of the make-up class all the participant were given IDR50.000 Star Department Voucher (that must be use immediately) plus discount 20%. Blame the BA! I'm so tempted to buy to many product when actually I wanna buy their newest foundation :p here's what I bought and got today (beware of pictures spam!)

Goodie Bag from Za. . . and what's inside??

Post card with picture of Za's new ambassador and Za' True White Prisminizer (or Toner)

and I bought. . .

1. Skin Beauty Two-Way Foundation Cake #22 + Refill

2. True White Instant Brightener

3. True White Metavoltage Cream ExfolatingCream

ups, almost forgot this Concealer Perfection #1

5items in total~ yey! I'm broken naw!! LoL

you can even see yourself with this cute case <3

True White Prisminizer + Metavoltage Cream

that's all! now I don't forget the Concealer~ *give special place*

End of the pictures spam! sorry~! actually I still have some (culinary tho) but will post it tomorrow :)