Koji Eyetalk

June 15, 2011

So. . . here I am again, back at last! Sorry for the long time of absent. I've various problem like the National Examination (yes, I was a High School student), tuition, graduation practice, and the worse I lost my connection!! my internet provider IS a real suckers, I paid so expensive but what did I get? slow connection! because of that, I disconnect it for 2-3months since I need money to pay my tuition too :p But now I'm back, k? :) I miss reviewing and updating this blog for like. . . . 53988193179473times, LoL! so many products that I bought recently (and now I'm broken). From all of them. . . what I like most is


Been eyeing this one since last year but I kinda doubted it since its a GLUE. Normally you use eye-glue for fake lashes right? But really, Japanese so creative and understand us, who's monolid and more important have THICK fat on our upper eyelid. Most of time you can make eyelid using double eyelid tape but in my condition? I can't!! I had tried various eyelid tape. From the thick one to thin one and it keeps on failing. Even the people at saloon give up. I'll have double eyelid if I use fake lashed, but its impossible for me to use it everyday nee? ^^; its kinda tiring. so I try to bought this one about. . . last week? it costs $22 or IDR187.000. Expensive right? its so rare in Indonesia, I bought it at SOGO Department store. But its so cheap if you buy them at Sasa.com about half-price from mine LoL :)

The liquid inside comes white in colours but relax, it will dry and turn transparent when you leave it for about 10secs. When it dry, you can now 'create' you double eyelid. When you buy this thing, they also give you some tutorial paper. Although its in Japanese you still can understand it by seeing the pictures given :D

Ok, so how to apply? easy!

1. Cleanse your eyelids and wipe them dry.
2. Use the fork applicator to measure the thickness of your double eyelids ( which you desire) - 4-6mm from your eyelashes will be more natural
3. Close your eyes
4. Use the brush applicator and apply a 4-6mm wide(oval shaped) on your middle eyelid - a thin layer will do and avoid uneven application
5. Wait the glue turns transparent, slowly use the fork applicator to push your eyelids up
6. To remove or redo, use a wet cotton pad to remove the glue
7. Or you can see the youtube videos here

The minus points from this little baby is it hard (well as for me) to close my eyes since its a glue and don't use it with make-up like eye-shadows, liquid eyeliner is enough. Why? because if you use eye-shadows, you can see some white particle of dried glue there  ^^; clean it with water, don't just rub it cuz it can harm your eyes' skin.

Just use one time if you have thin fat. As for me, I use 3layers *curse my damn thick eyes fat*  and it turns out like this

I used to O_O my eyes but when I use this Koji Eyetalk no need for me to O_O (seriously, how do you say it? LoL) but it also hard for me to O_O btw. You can see my double eyelid cuz I create is inside (if outside, my eyes still look small, like the REAL Korean haha). With the help of Koji Eyetalk and Circle Lens now I can have this big eyes :D *jumps* and please don't comment about my bang, I know it is weird. I'm in hurry and this happened T__T