Skinfood's wash-off mask

December 12, 2011

After last year I'm into foundation and powder (okay, maybe you can call me make-up freak but I'm not that freak na?) I'm into face mask this year! especially Skinfood's. As you can see from the picture above that is my current Skinfood's Wash-off mask collection. There are 4 of them;

  1. Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash-off
  2. Black Sugar Mask Wash-off
  3. Banana Yogurt Mask Wash-off
  4. Rice Mask Wash-off

First of all, why I choose Skinfood? well, because it suites my skin and most their product contain natural ingredient in which! even a super sensitive skin can use it. Even if it damages your skin, it can't cause serious one. This far, Black sugar and Banana Yogurt have been my favourite from all. Its not that the remaining 2 is bad. Banana Yogurt really suites my sensitive skin well. It reduces redness and pimples but personally, I don't like the smell :( its just not me *laugh* it helps alot in soothing my skin and somehow made me relaxs.

As for Black Sugar, in one use, it helps reduce my white heads and bit of black heads. I don't like the smell either and the texture different from the others mask. It is hard well, its sugar, no? D: but see the effect! it exfoliates well and enriched with mineral and vitamins. I used this . . . twice, sometimes four times a week after cleanse my face. Usually at night to relaxs my body, mind and soul *is kick*

For now, I can't give any review for Kiwi Yogurt. Bad mask, it haven't give me any effect :p all I can tell you is, It have a very strong scent. Last one, the Rice Mask. I really love it! I used it twice a week after cleanse. My skin feel much smoother after it and it brighten the dark spot caused by my previous pimples. No wonders this one become Skinfood's top selling product till now :D

Using Skinfood's product really improve my skin a lot, especially it textures, become more and more smoother. It makes my keep touching/rubbing my skin eventhough I know its bad especially if you have pimples haha :D. Oh, and this was my January's products list. Yes yes, I know I'm late but as for me, it better I tests the product first then write the review ^ ^

  1. Etude House : Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
  2. Missha : BB Cream
  3. Skinfood: Carrot Collagen Eyes sheet
  4. Missha : Fruits Mix Sheet Mask Berry Juice
  5. Skinfood : Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash-off
  6. Skinfood : Banana Yogurt Mask Wash-off
  7. Skinfood : Black Sugar Mask Wash-off

that's it for now, byeeee ^ ^

ps: there "marionettehouse" in the picture, it was my previous blog @ wordpress :)