Its February

February 16, 2011

Its February! So what? that means Valentine. How do you guys spend your V-day? As for me, I got chocolates from some female friends of mine and went to ate Haagen Dazs Ice Cream. Sadly, It'll be my last Valentine in my teen-age since this year I'll turn 20 and I have no boyfriend to share my V-day with but having my friends gave me chocolates and we spent our V-day together is enough. Its happy to see that you still have some one to be with and share with :) I really love this year's Valentine because there's something special but I'm sorry its a

S-E-C-R-E-T ;)

I'm not gonna tell you what, my dear. Just think it yourself if you want to HAR HAR HAR! anyway, I really thanks God for it, a really nice present indeed <3

BTW, Before Valentine I spent my day with my friend, shopping for some girls' stuffs like. Here's what I bought last Saturday;

Etude house: Petit Bijou Peach Touch (All-Over spray)
Nice scent, and nice bottle :D

It's Etude House's products! yeay!
They gave 50% discount for mask and all-pink items to celebrate Valentine *^0^*.
Left to Right;

1. Petit Bijou Peach Touch (All-Over spray)
2. Essence Mask Vitamin C
3. Aloe Vera Mask (very recommended item for sensitive skin!! )
4. Green Tea Mask
5. Honey Yogurt Wash-Off Mask

Since all of it was very in discount, the total price became so friendly. How I wish they had discount for the mask or other treatment product every months. Using their member card only gave me 10% discount and its like. . . I don't need to pay the taxes but pay the original price in which was soooooo expensive >__< will give the review later after I use it :D (FYI, could be very long time since I still have much face mask -3-)

Last words, HAPPY VALENTINE! sorry it so late XDD I didn't have any chance to touch my wordpress during that day >3<!