Happy Chinese New Year + Giveaway: Forestdoll x Kiwiberry

January 23, 2012

Yahoo~~!! Happy Chinese New Year people!! how's your day? Hope it went well to all of you ^w^ don't be like me, stuck with college work such as fashion analysis and patter analysis >3< I actually wanna cut some fabric and do another work but no cutting and cleaning for today *sigh*

Anyway! Have a great year ahead! be more lucky, healthy and prosperous than ever ♥♥♥

Since its Chinese New Year, its a good opportunity to try your luck huh? :p I try to enter giveaway by forestdoll and kiwiberry since they offer great things. I'm currently in search of lens! (>ω<)

click this if you're curious :)

Here's what you gonna get if you win >w<~:
  •  1 pair lens (of winners choice)
  •  1 box of lashes (randomly chosen by our staff) 10 PAIRS! (Wow)
  •  1 exclusive 50% discount code to shop at kiwiberry1-collection.com (code will be sent to winner via email. (code will be sent to winner via email. Expires in 6 months after winner receives code/one time use)

don't forget, the giveaway end on 29 Feb'12! note it or do it now. It's simple a :D