Cute giveaway by Cominica!!

August 13, 2011

Soooooo much thanks to Cominica (hmm. . . actually the first time I saw your name its like CominicaAi, I wanna call you Ai but when I saw it again, ups a mistake xD;;) she invites me to her mini giveaway (hey I prefer it cute giveaway since so many kawaii things haha) short, here I give the pics and the link

1. 5different falshies
2. 2handmade hairband
3. Sachet of Purederm Strawberry Yogurt Mask
4. Sachets of Baviphat Grape Mask and Strabwerry Toxifying Mask
5. Sample of Etude Fresh Tint in Pink

Those are the 5things she give in this giveaways. Isn't it cute? especially the hairdband! I love the hairband. Me wanna have the hairband, Baviphat (never try this one) and the falshies.  This event  open until September 13 and for international friends too! so what are you waiting for? :3 why don't you give it a try lhar~ haha >w<